Building a land business with the operators, systems and finances that consistently achieves revenues over seven figures.

Everything you've been taught about attaining wealth is incorrect.

There exists a method of wealth accumulation that can leave you exhausted and impoverished in every other aspect of your life. Alternatively, there is a way to amass wealth that allows you to thrive in all areas of your existence. When you opt for the latter path, financial success naturally follows.

I have come to realize that people hold misconceptions about the true nature of wealth. Many believe it is solely about earning money, acquiring assets, and possessing luxurious belongings. And they assume that in order to achieve these things, sacrifices must be made in other areas of life.

I have witnessed this version of “wealth” unfold repeatedly among the affluent and accomplished individuals I know. They relentlessly pursue their work, chasing after riches, only to witness their health and familial bonds crumble. Their fixation on financial gains gradually distances them from their faith. All this is done in the pursuit of what society deems as success. This is not the path to follow!

As I began establishing my land business, I started documenting my journey in my Facebook group. People were curious about how I managed to maintain a balanced life, not just in terms of money. They wanted to know how I could oversee a land business generating millions in revenue while also staying in shape, not working on weekends, and devoting quality time to my family.

Spoiler Alert: I possess no extraordinary powers or special abilities that enable me to achieve this. I never had a mentor guiding me toward this lifestyle. Put simply, it has become evident to me that life’s objective is not to amass the most money or construct the largest company. The true goal is to experience abundance in every facet of existence.

Jason Wollbrink

Jason Wollbrink

The OSF Framework

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A business consistently achieving seven plus figures in profit a year must be led by operators who know how to refine systems.

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A successful business only maintains consistent growth without taxing the leadership if the systems are sound.

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Businesses require capital. Knowing how to source and manage investment dollars is the key to longterm success.