The OSF Mastermind


Are you a land investor with a relentless drive for success? Do you dream of taking your land investing business to soaring new heights of revenue and influence? If so, we are thrilled to unveil an exclusive opportunity that will elevate your journey to unprecedented levels of achievement.

Introducing the OSF MASTERMIND – a transformative gathering of visionary land investors who have each achieved more than one million dollars in annual revenue with their land investment businesses. This mastermind is your golden ticket to unlock the secrets of industry-leading success, harness the collective wisdom of like-minded peers, and revolutionize your land investing ventures.

Session Previews

Our mastermind meetings will be managed by a team of high performers specializing in executive training, systems consulting, financial modeling.


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During our sessions focused on the roles of operators, we will hear from seasoned CEOs who’ve implemented personal and company wide strategies resulting in consistent growth.


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Systems serve as the backbone of an organization, facilitating seamless processes, enabling scalability, and empowering teams to perform at their best. We will host sessions led by systems specialists. 


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Financial modeling is a critical tool for businesses, providing valuable insights and informed decision-making in a dynamic and competitive environment. You will hear from capital partners and strategic partners in the land business.

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